Short Films

I’ve worked in nearly every crew role on a short film set.

But I’m really a director. I like the responsibility of leading the team and being in charge of the creative vision

Here are some films I’ve directed:

Toowoomba on Top of the World [Documentary series]
A hundred years ago the Toowoomba Rugby League was formed. Amidst all-in brawls, life bans, class struggles and a world war, by 1925 Toowoomba beat all challengers to have the best football team in the world. This documentary series tells the story of Toowoomba’s world domination.

How To Pick Up Chicks With Spoons [Short documentary]
My friend Dylan has the world’s most dubious method to woo women.

Joan Dunlop: 10 000 Letters to the Editor [Short documentary]
One woman became famous for her letters to the local paper. This short documentary explores the phenomenon of Joan, the highs and lows of letter writing fame and her hopes for the future.

Cities: A Century of Gladiators [Short documentary]
In Roma, Queensland, one small town’s rugby league team plays an important role in both the history of the town and the sport.

A Dog Day At The Park (Experimental film)
Weird film I made at uni. I dunno, a bit of fun.

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