Short Stories

Here are some short stories of varying quality.

They were sitting lonely on my hard drive and deserve to be read instead.

Some are inspired by something that happened to me, some use a real incident as a jumping off point but they are all quite fictional.

One boy just wants his favourite lunch from the tuck shop. Is that so much to ask? Yes, says the rest of the school.

This is part of an anthology of web series set at high school. Unsure if that’s how they’ll stay. Maybe they’ll become a novel, maybe a feature film. The opportunities are endless .

A journey through work.

This story was long listed for Queensland State Library Young Writer’s Award in 2018. Pretty cool!

One man’s haircut proves too much to handle.

Tried writing something dark. It came quite easily.

A famous actor dies. It doesn’t get any better.

Another one where my dark side took over.

An unexpected death and an unexpected morning for one grieving family.

You never know how a death is going to affect people. You never know anything, really.

An inner voice plagues a young man trying to find meaning.

I had forgotten I wrote this one. It’s okay! It runs out of puff towards the end, but that kind of suits the beginning, in a way

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