Update on my life

Best movie I’ve seen in the last few months: Cop Land.
Terrific urban western. Outstanding story and direction and what a performance by

Best TV show I’ve been watching: Working my way through Daria
with my girlfriend. I always liked it when I was little but I never really ‘got’
it. Now I’m in love with it. Has to be the best show about high school ever
made. And what an antidote to every other teenage story.

Things that are annoying me: Just generally bummed out by
world events in 2016. Celebrity deaths, terror attacks, Tory bullshit
everywhere. Not a lot to recommend about this year.

Things that aren’t annoying me:  Well Queensland have won State of Origin so
that’s always worth celebrating. And I was at the game, very lucky.

My girlfriend and I have found a nice safe place to live. Hasn’t
always been that way recently.  

Things that are worrying me: My uni course didn’t work out
for first semester so that’s kind of derailed my entire career plan. Changed courses
and looking for a job before Centrelink cuts off in November. If I can’t find
anything by then, everything’s fucked.  

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