“Too Bad” People

I recently encountered a problem. Like everything I do it’s rather small in the grand scheme of things. Not talking life or death here. But it essentially boils down to a situation where you can help someone who made a mistake, or you can simply say “too bad” and be done with it. I am in the former camp while the people I am in conflict with are fine refusing help, no matter the consequences.

It’s made me realise how strongly I dislike this “too bad” approach and the people who enforce it.

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People I Can’t Forget

There are some people I can’t get out of my head. Not long-lost friends, not long dead family members, not erstwhile enemies – although yes, of course they’re there too.

The people I can’t forget the most are the ones who shouldn’t remain. The people I didn’t even really meet – sometimes not fully seeing them at all. These are the ones that linger the most.

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The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

I was in high school. We were filming a short film, a rather large production as far as high school film projects go. A local teacher had got together kids from different schools. The project eventually fell over, but we had a good time while it was going on.

This one night we were at what I think was a milk factory? At least a distribution centre. Maybe milk wasn’t involved. Anyway, it was a big industrial place. Some kid from the other school, his dad owned it, I think. We were there for a long time.

My friend Ian had to use the bathroom. He asked the kid whose dad owned the place where the bathroom was. This kid, who was always rather serious, pointed my mate in the right direction then looked at him dead in the eyes and said: “Oh and Ian – make sure you flush.”

I didn’t see this happen myself, only Ian’s recollections. I laughed then and I still laugh today. It is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

My Lucky Upbringing

It took me far too long to realise how lucky I am. For all sorts of reasons and all sorts of ways my life has been privileged. However, there’s one exceedingly fortunate part of my life that I only fully ascertained quite recently: I’ve never had to fear for my safety at home. I was raised in a household free of violence and rage, and I think that’s one advantage I’ve never appreciated enough.  

On one level I always knew I was lucky to be born in Australia and to never go hungry and to gain an education (as well as being white and male and healthy) – but I don’t think I’ve thought enough about how fortunate I am that family violence has never touched my life. 

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Your Hometown Remains The Same

As soon as he gets there, he wants to be elsewhere/As soon as he leaves, it’s pulling him back

You can live where you want but you can’t choose your hometown/Your parents do that…

Kate Miller-Heidke was singing about her husband and musical collaborator Keir Nuttall in the chorus of her unreleased song Toowoomba. However, she could have as easily been describing anyone’s mixed feelings about their hometown. More to the point, I’ve always felt quite strongly that she was, as if had seen inside my brain, revealing my own complicated outlook on the Garden City.

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Mr Sunday Movies and Maso

Since lockdown begun, I have barely spoken aloud. Living alone at the moment and communicating via chat for work (from home) has meant the need to verbalise has all but vanished. I’m not complaining – some of my best moments are in the group chat – but not speaking is a strange way to live. It could probably drive you mad.

I’m not particularly lonely though. Keep working from going forever if you ask me. And while it would be nice to have someone around, if not least as an incentive to continue grooming and showering, I have kept human connection going in some way. The fact that these humans don’t know I exist is perhaps odd, but unavoidable.   

I’m talking, of course, about James Clement and Nick Mason’s podcast The Weekly Planet.

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Mary and the Murderer – One Year On

For reasons that are still somewhat unclear to me, last year I decided to put on a play. With the help of some wonderful people, we managed to pull it off. It was fun! And difficult! But, as I’m sure all my creative friends would agree, *not* trying to achieve the seemingly impossible project is *always* more disappointing than just giving it a go. Our endeavour was even more satisfying because it turned out reasonably well.

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Corona diary

I wake up. Goof around on my phone for a bit. Read some news so I know what horrors the news has in store for me. Chuckle at some tweets.

I get up. Quick breakfast (don’t get me started). Go for a walk around the neighbourhood to stretch my back out before a tough day of sitting down. Get home, start up the computer and read some more news. Maybe read a book for a little while if I’m particularly motivated.

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The world is falling apart

I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Another man killed his ex-wife and children to death. A virus has taken over the world and confined us to our homes. Trump has carte blanche to commit as many crimes as he can before he leaves office. He won’t be leaving in 2020 because the Democrats are looking like to sign their death warrant J. Biden. Trump might not leave in 2024 either.

In Australia every day our government is shown to be up to its neck in rorts. Our PM went on holidays as the country burned a few months ago – although it feels like longer. We’ve got ten years before climate change takes us all. I can’t list any more horrors because it’s all too much but let’s face it, the world isn’t a place you’d recommend right now.  

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James Lipton’s questions

I was saddened to hear of James Lipton’s death just the other week. I can’t say I’ve seen all the Inside the Actors Studio but everything I have seen is fascinating. I particularly remember re-watching the Robin Williams episode the week he died. Lots of death on my mind today apparently.

In any case, I felt inspired to write my answers to his famous ten questions. Here they are. They may chance tomorrow.

Noting particularly deep, but you know. There’s not a lot else going on right now.

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