Money and Jobs

So why can’t I just get money? Why won’t people just give me
a job, or better still, a big fat advance on a script?

The world isn’t that simple is the answer. Nobody is owed
anything and you need to work hard to have a decent life.

I get that. But I do find it wrong, still, that it costs
money to be alive. Or in other words, you have to pay not die. I understand the
social contract and that we’re all in this together and this is the way the
world works and whatever. But it still seems unfair somehow. Unnatural.

You could get through life without paying a cent, I suppose. You
could live on the streets and grow your own food from donated seeds and sneak
into movies and read the paper in the library. Or you could just quit
completely and live in a forest and eat grass, not seeing anyone ever. Or you
could see how long you last on Centrelink.

But that’s not how life is set up. And it doesn’t seem like
much of a life.

And I don’t want something for nothing. I would love to work
hard at a job. I just can’t find anybody to give me the chance.

That comes with being a creative professional, sure, but I can’t
even get a non-creative job. I’m skilled but not experienced for the creative
jobs and unskilled and not experienced again for the non-creative work out

It is certainly a quandary. Maybe nobody will hire me because
I use words like quandary.

I am confident things will work out eventually. I’m not
despondent yet and I have the safety net of family and government. I have some
projects on the go that might lead, with luck, lead somewhere too.

But things don’t just work out by themselves. People need to
do things to make things work eventually.

People need to give me money.  

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