BuzzFeed Unsolved

A few months ago Senaai and I had nothing to watch. We didn’t want to watch a movie, we didn’t have a TV show on the go. We just wanted something short, something funny to watch before we went to sleep.

After looking around YouTube for a bit, we were lost. Everything was shit. On a whim, one of us suggested we see if BuzzFeed Australia had any videos. They did, and they were fine, yet our viewing itch remained unscratched.

Then, in the “BuzzFeed” search results, one video stood out to me: “The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper”

I had heard about the case, but never knew the whole story. Senaai wasn’t so keen, as it looked scary and it was already late. We decided to watch it and turn it off if it got too frightening.

If this was one of Detective Horsley’s thrillers, this is where she’d write “Little did they know, they were about to embark on the true crime journey of a lifetime…”

The video was fantastic. It was scary, sure, but fascinating and presented in such a jovial manner that even the most unnerving elements were enjoyable. Ryan, the open-minded researcher, and Shane, the sceptical comedian, had great chemistry and banter and I just bloody love mysteries. I was hooked. Senaai was too, although it was still a little too much to watch just before bed.

I sometimes go through phases where I obsess over one thing or another for months at a time. Well, these last few months have well and truly been a Buzzfeed Unsolved period. I’ve seen all of the True Crime episodes and most of the Supernaturals. I prefer True Crime but that’s only because I don’t believe in all the paranormal bullshit, although I do enjoy Ryan freaking out over a slight breeze just because they’re in a ‘haunted’ place.

More than just enjoying the quality videos, I’ve also been excited to become part of the fandom. Sure, I’m a fan of a lot of things already, but liking massive pop culture properties like Star Wars and Harry Potter is different to seeing a genuinely impressive series play out in real time.

I’ve been here, watching each video as it comes out, witnessing the Hot Dog saga as it unfolds, delighting in Detective Horsley’s theories along with the rest of my fellow fans. I’ve looked forward to Saturday mornings, when the episodes are released here in Australia, it really is the highlight of my week. I’ve even joined the bloody Facebook group!

It’s all down to Ryan and Shane – everything feels organic, spur of the moment fun. They’re friends spitballing about crazy stories and so are we.

All because we had nothing to watch a few months ago.

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