Corona diary

I wake up. Goof around on my phone for a bit. Read some news so I know what horrors the news has in store for me. Chuckle at some tweets.

I get up. Quick breakfast (don’t get me started). Go for a walk around the neighbourhood to stretch my back out before a tough day of sitting down. Get home, start up the computer and read some more news. Maybe read a book for a little while if I’m particularly motivated.

On the clock. Regular workday from there pretty much. Tasks haven’t changed too much. Participate in the serious work group chat. Post memes in the fun group chat. Count my blessings I lucked into working at a university when I did – any other job I’ve had would be canned right now. Remember my contract finishes in August. Panic. Remember my parents will always have me back home. Panic again*

Have a snack. Work some more. Lunch while watching YouTube. Pitch Meeting is my current obsession. It’s basically the same video again and again but that’s comforting right now. If I’ve scoffed down lunch fast enough, I might squeeze in an episode of something. I’ll definitely have a lie down. Try not to fall asleep.

Back into work. Worry about the students who have lost their jobs and the students who are still essential workers. Worry about the students who are sick. Worry about the world and everyone who has died and their families left behind. It’s not going to back to normal any time soon.

I wonder if I’ll ever see my grandpa in person ever again. I receive an update about my niece’s day at childcare. She is just about the most delightful being in the world. I’m thankful she’s having a good day. I worry about her future.

When I finish work, I ring my grandpa. We have the same conversation we’ve had the last half a dozen or so times I’ve called. That’s okay. He’s okay. Doing pretty well considering.

It’s still a bit sunny so I hang out for a bit. Never really feel like writing straight after work so I might read again for a bit. Most likely I’ll scroll aimlessly through Twitter.

I go for walk. If I see anyone, I’m careful to give them a wide berth. I used to do this anyway but now it’s saving lives. I say hello to the black cat which is in the same front yard every afternoon. I think about getting a black cat sometime in the future. When I cross the road, I elbow bump the crossing button. No hands.

My regular park is overrun with people. The gyms have emptied and their sweaty masses swarmed here. I’m on the same routine as a few others in the neighbourhood. We see each other every afternoon. The play equipment is cordoned off. The swing locked up. The dog park is closed.

But there are plenty of pups around. They’re the winners of this so far. So many walks. My heart skips a beat if I see a Jack Russell. I miss Cooper. I wish he was still in my life. I wonder if he’s still alive. Wherever he is, I know he’s being crazy.

I get home and chuck on a podcast while I cook dinner. The Rugby League Digest or Conversations or Six Tackles With Gus. I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. And I say cook, it’s hardly a culinary achievement but it gets me by. I remember a friend who suggested I get YouFoodz. I haven’t bothered yet. If it’s Friday night I might go wild and have a beer.

I watch more YouTube or maybe the news while I eat. Depends how depressed I want to get about the world.

I shower then head back to the computer. I write for as long as I can. Trying to finish a few scripts for a spec TV show. Have a few short story competitions I’m working towards. Depending how fried my brain is I’ll do this until bed. But I’ll try to watch at least something too. Disenchantment was wonderful. So was the Watchmen series. Barry is the best show I’ve seen in years.

If it’s a weekend, I’ll probably write more during the day and watch more at night. But the rest of my day is probably the same. Writing, going for a walk, watching plenty, reading good books.

Close to my dream life. But not like this. I cannot overstate how exceedingly fortunate I am to be only slightly inconvenienced by this pandemic. Nothing about this should be seen as a complaint or read without acknowledgement that I’m leading a charmed life right now. I know it helps no one, but I feel bad for having it so good. The cognitive load of living through such an awful time is my only real issue. Barely nothing compared to being in the thick of it like so many are.

Bed time. If I’m naughty I’ll just go straight to Twitter. If I’m a good boy I’ll read before going to sleep. Just finished the amazing Wally Lewis biographies from Adrian McGregor. Also The Last by Hanna Jameson, which was interesting if a little disturbing right now. Just started Lincoln in the Bardo – absorbing so far.

I listen to a little music when I’m too tired to read. For a while there I was struggling to find anyone good to lull me into sleep. I hated every new song I tried. Then I found Molly Burch and Whitmer Thomas and The Regrettes and they’re getting me by for now. Can always return to St. Vincent or Bowie as needed, which is often.

I fall asleep.



*Joking, obviously, Mum

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