Mr Sunday Movies and Maso

Since lockdown begun, I have barely spoken aloud. Living alone at the moment and communicating via chat for work (from home) has meant the need to verbalise has all but vanished. I’m not complaining – some of my best moments are in the group chat – but not speaking is a strange way to live. It could probably drive you mad.

I’m not particularly lonely though. Keep working from going forever if you ask me. And while it would be nice to have someone around, if not least as an incentive to continue grooming and showering, I have kept human connection going in some way. The fact that these humans don’t know I exist is perhaps odd, but unavoidable.   

I’m talking, of course, about James Clement and Nick Mason’s podcast The Weekly Planet.

Better known as Mr Sunday Movies, Clement is a popular Australian YouTuber, whose videos explore and review all manner of ‘nerd’ culture but specifically superhero movies, comics and video games in an approachable and humorous fashion. I have watched the YouTube channel on and off over the years but now I never miss an episode.

On the YouTube channel Caravan of Garbage, where Clement and Mason rip into a popular film/episode/comic/video game is especially wonderful. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the content being critiqued because the fun derives from their banter, running gags and improvisational humour within the moment.

Before isolation, I was reticent to dive into the podcast, as the episodes are quite long. It’s a big commitment! But now I’m home alone nearly all the time, they keep me company all day and I wish each episode would go for longer. Ostensibly a roundup of pop culture news followed by exploration of a nerdy topic (best director cuts, movie fan theories – the sort of things you’d argue about with your mates at a pub), I’d again argue that the substance of their discussions aren’t quite as important compared to their style and warmth of their conversations. Maybe I’m starved of connection in these trying times, but listening in on two mates shoot the shit, make some jokes and, more than anything, be nice to each other is genuinely keeping my spirits up.

Being nice and kind is undervalued, particularly online and particularly in nerd culture spaces. The fact that Mr Sunday and Maso are kind to each other shouldn’t be so impressive – but it is. Nor should the fact that they save their criticisms for silly plot points or crazy performances rather than ‘political correctness gone mad’ or ‘feminists taking over movies’. But it is. It is both impressive and comforting.

They’re a voice of reason in the cesspit that is online movie/fan culture. Dare I say it, they’re a clear example of ‘untoxic masculinity’ – just two fun guys, blessed with good humour, happy to enjoy the miracle and magic that is today’s pop culture. Listening to their podcast is like talking to good friends – and I never even have to say a word.

Side note, I have also listened to some episodes of James and Mrs Sunday Movies, Claire Tonti’s podcast Suggestible, in which they discuss what media they are consuming (TV to books to podcasts). I love it as well, but currently find it a little hard to listen to the loving repartee of a husband and wife. But the episodes I have listened to are top notch.

2 thoughts on “Mr Sunday Movies and Maso”

  1. What a great review. I’ve been a weekly wackadadoo for years now and their podcast each week and great caravan of garbage and YouTube videos are always incredible.

    I hope you’re doing well mate and still keeping up with the red hot comic book movie news.

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