Desert Island Movies

I haven’t written anything on here for ages. I’ve been a bit slack with uni and other writing. I’ve changed my course for next semester into something more creative so hopefully I’ll have more time to write about things I want to. Productivity is the key but it’s so hard to find.

My first big idea for this blog was to write about a silly idea I had – what movie would you take to a desert island?

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There’s no way to make the ‘best’ film. It’s not like sport –
art can’t score points like a team or be measured like a javelin throw, because
creativity is subjective. The thought of actors and other filmmakers competing
against each other is kind of sad really. It’s not like we only have to watch
one film ever again – there doesn’t have to be a winner. A lot of great films
and filmmakers never won an Oscar, never even had a look in. Not to mention all
the politicking behind the scenes that probably really decides who wins, and
the well-known diversity issues over the years. So the Oscars are kind of dumb.  

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I watch a lot of
movies and read a lot of books. I want to do more of both but all the time I
have to do stupid shit like uni and eating and spending time with my
girlfriend. (No that’s unfair, we watch everything together, one of the best things
about us. Having to see friends and family is the killer).

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