Wise Men

Can’t Help Falling In Love boomed out of the speakers, the good version. A dad asked his
daughters who was singing.

They were about four or five, they’d have no idea. He tried
to prompt them.

“It starts with an E…?”


“No, someone Presley…?”

“Elephant Presley!”

The players on the field finished their warm up. In the
stands, we got ready to watch. I got ready to film.

Junior rugby league in Toowoomba. Pretty far down on the list
of world priorities. Pretty far from everything.

Somewhere else, a whole lot of important people consider
destroying the world. Makes you wonder why we were bothering here, playing and
watching footy.

Shouldn’t we be trying to do something? Something important?
Something to stop the craziness?

Not much we could do. Maybe we were doing something. We
should care more about all the heartache in the world, I firmly believe that.

But living our lives uninterrupted is something of antidote
as well. Something small.

The Final Countdown
played next. Something else played after that.  

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