Senaai and I bought three CDs the other day. We actually looked around the store, picked and bought physical CDs and took them home with us. We still buy DVDs and Blu Rays quite regularly too. There was a stage a few years ago where we raided Cash Converters for old DVDs in a 10 for $10 deal. I can’t miss a good deal. And we still go to the cinema at least once a week, if we can arrange the time.

We’re an anomaly now. It’s all about the stream. Spotify and Netflix are wonderful innovations, don’t get me wrong. I marvel at the fact I have access to nearly every song ever. If ten year old me had been able to watch all of Power Rangers, I doubt I’d have finished school. A month of Netflix is cheaper than one cinema experience.

But I doubt I’m the only one who adds everything to their queue but can never decide on what to watch, and that’s if we’ve found the time. And having access to nearly every song ever is great but it’s overwhelming. Spotify has become background music, not something I think too much about. Not something I search a whole store for.

There’s so much I’ve found via streaming that I wouldn’t have any other way. But it’s never really felt like mine. It’s like renting a movie or borrowing a song. Nice for awhile but not really yours forever. I get that it’s cheaper and greener and it all makes so much sense. Too much sense.

Buying the thing confers that sense of ownership. The movies we love are on display. Our CDs are there for all to see. Our bookshelf is overflowing. Having access to the thing is nice. Having it is even better. It feels like a belonging. It feels like it belongs.

NOTE: I actually wrote this a few months ago but never got around to posting it here until now. I know you didn’t care but here we are anyway.

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